Friday, July 25, 2008

So many links!!!!
Free download to mount ZIP or ISO as virtual drives. Seems free, grab it while you can.
This one is really for those with DUAL or QUAD CPU laptops or desktops. Lets you control which program runs under which CPU.
Interesting Tablet PC, seems previously, it was used as a hammer and now its shown that it can be used underwater. Soon, we can wear is to as bullet proof vests.
This ones Atom based desktop, really small and comes in different colours.
Another design of PSP is floating around the web, and its PSP-3000. Comes with built in microphone for Skpe.
This one is interesting. There is a piglet born with face of a monkey in China. I'm guessing the radiation from near by power plant got the best of this one. Long back legs makes the pig hop instead of just walking around.
This one is sooooooo cooooooool!!!!!! It's LEGO and Sushi in one. You can't eat it... could try and crap out lego bricks later... or just enjoy the look of the sushi and lego.
Like cars? Maseratti perhaps? Like Burberry? Check this out.
This one is hot! Not really... just warm. These fish are known as pedicure dish which eat dead skin from your feet. Now that they are avilable in Washington D.C., making it closest place to check this out.
Kinda cool. Looks like voodoo dolls. It's Zelda, so it's a must. Click on it.

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