Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sega, Casio, and ThinkGeek!


No more console, but focusing on cute toys... like this guy.



Every 55 minutes it will adjust the arms to match the digital clock.
Also uses multiple sources to correct time... for $399, sounds like a bargain if you love being on time.



Stick them anywhere for some loud music.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to make Eve, from Wall-E


Here is the Instructables to make Eve from Wall-E.

Seems easy enough... maybe someone will make one for me.


This was made by Ken Tanaka, if you don't know about him, you need to spend some time on Youtube. There's .5 sec of me and Lisa on screen and at the end Ken interview's Martha... good stuff.

Hit Counter

Added a new hit counter! Sweet stuff.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All in Japan

Automated Takoyaki Machine

So cool.. need one.
I want some takoyaki now... 'drool'.

High Speed Multi-Shot Camera

You just can't get enough shots at once.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Flash Drives


Decent price for USB flash drive.

I feel like I should grab one... just because it's a panda.


Download this and make your 3D Wall-E Paper Model

Friday, July 25, 2008

So many links!!!!
Free download to mount ZIP or ISO as virtual drives. Seems free, grab it while you can.
This one is really for those with DUAL or QUAD CPU laptops or desktops. Lets you control which program runs under which CPU.
Interesting Tablet PC, seems previously, it was used as a hammer and now its shown that it can be used underwater. Soon, we can wear is to as bullet proof vests.
This ones Atom based desktop, really small and comes in different colours.
Another design of PSP is floating around the web, and its PSP-3000. Comes with built in microphone for Skpe.
This one is interesting. There is a piglet born with face of a monkey in China. I'm guessing the radiation from near by power plant got the best of this one. Long back legs makes the pig hop instead of just walking around.
This one is sooooooo cooooooool!!!!!! It's LEGO and Sushi in one. You can't eat it... could try and crap out lego bricks later... or just enjoy the look of the sushi and lego.
Like cars? Maseratti perhaps? Like Burberry? Check this out.
This one is hot! Not really... just warm. These fish are known as pedicure dish which eat dead skin from your feet. Now that they are avilable in Washington D.C., making it closest place to check this out.
Kinda cool. Looks like voodoo dolls. It's Zelda, so it's a must. Click on it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Late night link update.


WHY??????? WHY???????




Some really cool concept drawings.


This will make your computer more tasty. USB Flash drives disguised as wings and bacon. It's a trap!

Moar Links!


Make your own Tumbler at home.. for cost of a print.

I am going to try and print this out to 1:1 scale and use it as a cover for my Corolla.

More images and PDF and instruactions are available on the original site.

Morning Update


Would you really want to stare at someone's armpit?


This is such an easy DIY. I don't have a pet fish, but if I make this, I might grab a fish to go with it. Forget that, I'd make this to feed by self.
The creator posted that the cost is less than $10, since many parts are readily available in most homes.

More Links...


Because there are some perverts out there... who's fascinated with technology, anime, pocket size, and girls, but can't have it all.


Because it's so cool.

Because this made me laugh...

Because nothing moves faster than Pikachu Bullet Train. Source


Because sometimes.. you just have to hit things.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am not going to be around next week, so the postings might stop for a week.
Hopefully, I will be back with some cool images.

Note: I don't have a morning update before I leave... sorry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Galapagos Islands

Today is a step away from technology, and back to nature.
The Galapagos Islands. It looks so beautiful, I want to go vacation here for a month.
More photos here.



Cool DIY project. Looks easy and fun.

I recommend everyone visit Instructables, really cool website with a lot of tips, tricks and instructions to make things to impress your friends and family.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watchmen Teaser

Watch it in HD. Something to look forward to in 2009.

Edit: Fixed. Source

Morning Update...

It's quite interesting... Hayden Panettiere's new single Music Video... She even does a little rapping.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morning update...

Pixar Photo Tour

Most likely I'll never see the inside with my own two eyes.

Turn any photo to look like it was shot using a toy camera!

My friends Lisa and Vivian gets some decent results from their toy cameras. Thought this was a nice tool to convert without spending extra on the film or camera.
Original It's in Japanese, or get it from here!

I doubt it can heal you... but it does look like a nice USB hub.


Video included on original site.

Save money by using LED candles.


There is a video on the original site.

Touch screens are improving so fast!
This one, you can attach knobs to the screen to detect rotation.
Take that mutli-touch screen!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wireless Instruments and Wireless Pen


Nintendo has made lots of announcements at E3 today. Looks like one very interesting being the Musical game without instruments to add. Looks like people just use their Wii-mote to do mimic the instruments.

This is a neat attachment for any computer. Able to write on surface and in air. Looks like it the reader can be attached to any surface and any monitor/laptop screen.

Prices will be around $59 for laptop and $79 for desktop monitor.

Water, water, everywhere! Let's all have a drink.


Available August 15th, this clock looks really interesting. Just add water to power the clock.

Most likely.. I will forget to add water and always be late.


You can leave it in your bathroom or outdoor and enjoy your mp3. Just have to plug in the USB flash drive, power with either an adapter or 3 AAA batteries.
For $130, seems like a nice speaker.

Coolest steps ever! As you move forward, more steps appear, but the steps behind u disappear, so you are forced to move ahead.


Now we can get electricity from just water!

Watch a RC car running on water.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Olympic 2008 and The Scream


Pew Pew Pew!

Link jumps to gallery of Chinese tactical squad training for anti-terrorism.

This is how artists play with our food.

Asahi robot, multitouch laptop, and heroes.


This is a must in every home!
A robot that pours beer for you!


Dell just introduced a Mutli-Touch Tablet PC. It is supposed to be used with Windows 7, but dell is offering patch to allowed to be used under XP or Vista.

and.... lastly a Video...

Heroes Webisodes: Going Postal.

Iran Missle Photoshop job!


It's becoming a joke. There are more shopped images in the original post.

Scanner Camera


It's a scanner but camera! So old school. This is probably equivalent to the old box cameras, where the subject has to hold pose for a very long time. There are some really cool image results from this camera.
Definite check out piece.

Case Mods


Definitely for Engineers! (It's a joke)


Good to have around when you are lonely.


Just because....


Source and eBay

I really want to see if this phone is cursed and if Steve Jobs does laugh at you for being on idiot.


Such a cool RC toy!


Well I don't know if it's practical, but this phone is suppose to be a throw away phone or send it back to get it recharged on minutes.... either that's going to be a lot of garbage or really good for people who lose their phone often. Many BIC items are disposable, but does last longer than it is suppose to.

Comes with basic cellphone function and FM radio.

Tumbler... Autobot!?

What happens when you mix Tumbler and Transformers together?
Just pure pwnage!


Shout all you want!

If you want to shout but you are surrounded by silence or you have friends who are too loud, grab one for the sake of reducing some noise. It is designed to take loud noise and output lower volume.
But price is a bit steep.... for $80.... seems little expensive.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tumbler Case Mod!

This is probably the sweetest looking case mod!
You are probably thinking.. I should get one!

Guess what? You can!

It is currently being sold on eBay. There's less than a week left, so better hurry!

I think the guy who made this might have lost their sanity. Why would you sell a tumbler case? That would be like selling your first born or something.... >.>


Dancing Trooper

The dancing Stormtrooper in Tokyo has been around for a long time. Looks cheesy and fun!
I feel like getting a suit too, so I can walk around the city.... errrr... I don't have $3k to blow on a Stormstrooper suit....maybe a gas mask and a bio-chem suit will work just as well....

San Diego Comic-Con Schedule!

Alright!!!!!!! Schedule is up!

I hope I can take lots of cool pics from the con and post on the blog.


Paintball Sentry Gun

This is probably a good reason to study engineering.
Paintball gun + engineering degree = Paintball sentry gun!
Just watch the video.

IMO, this would come in handy if you hate your roommate or want to be protected from work, or if you happen to be in Team Fortress 2.

Source (via. Link)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Super Chuck Norris World?


I am not a Mac user but, this really caught my eye. Mac hardware are always great, but lack of software and cost have always turned me away from investing into Mac. Recent adaptation of Intel processor have increased the number of available software and users have option of installing Windows XP as well.

I came across this blog and I thought everyone interested in Tablet PC should take a look at this.


Microsoft Arc Mouse

This mouse is coming out from MS just in time for the holiday season. For $60, I think it's a fine hardware. Microsoft mouse haven't let me down yet... so I am going to look forward to this.
I think the folding option's going to go nicely with the Tablet PC I recently purchased, making my life even more portable.



My friend's have been suggesting I start a blog with the links I find. So that's what I decided to do on a Saturday morning. What's great is that I won't have to send 10+ messages to people on MSN. Hopefully I have time to post all the links I find....